Choosing a Finish for Your Kitchen Appliances

Choosing a Finish for Your Kitchen Appliances

Large sized appliances such as George Foreman Grill, will make a large impact on your décor if their color does not match your kitchen décor. Small sized appliances will not have much of an impact seeing that most of them might be hidden in cabinets most of the time. However, even the small appliances such as a blender still needs to have a matching finish.

Stainless steel and black stainless steel are some of the common finishes on large appliances and some small appliances in Australia. Stainless still is a classic but smudges and prints are often seen on the appliances. Black and slate stainless steel finishes are darker versions of stainless steel and they are great at concealing prints and smudges.

Slate is preferred because its low-reflecting grey colour offers a beautiful look. When any of the versions of stainless steel is used on an appliance, say a food dehydrator or a handheld vacuum cleaner, the appliance is easy to clean and it looks great on appliances such as an ice cream maker.

If you want to have an all-white kitchen, you should go for white appliances. White finishes blend in easily and can be used to match any kitchen décor. White finishes also do not attract fingerprints or smudges and would look good on appliances such as steam mops.

Coloured finishes are common on small kitchen appliances but some large appliances, such as refrigerators, may also have coloured finishes. When buying appliances with coloured finishes, your kitchen décor will dictate the color to choose. If your kitchen walls are painted maroon, choose a maroon nespresso machine, or air fryer or any other appliance, or choose a complementary color.

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